She was red, and beautiful, and red.

She was Red & Beautiful & Red

For some people the  colour red is the colour of aggression, anger, danger and many other negative things. For me is the colour of life, passion, love and strength. If the Woman was a colour, then for me she would be Red… Beautiful and Red.

Now, if you love this colour as much as I do and you are on the hunt for the perfect red long-lasting lip combos on the market then you should definitely keep on reading.

First things first, before applying a red lipstick or a darker one in general (especially the matte formulas from M.A.C) you should have exfoliated your lips, either by using a lip scrub from the market or a homemade one, or just by using an old toothbrush. I actually don’t find any purpose in buying a lip scrub. The old trusty toothbrush can do the job just as good.Sometimes I add some toothpaste because it makes my lips plumper, juicier and fuller ( at least I think so!).After that, while you’re doing the rest of your makeup, apply some lip balm on your lips and let it soak. Before applying your lipstick don’t forget to take off any excess of that lip balm by tamping a tissue on your lips.

If you want your lipstick to last all day/night long then lining your lips first with a lip liner is a must! Line the outer part and then fill in your lips with that lip liner as well. Sometimes when I want a 3D effect I line the outer edges of my lips with a slightly darker lip liner just to create the illusion of fuller lips.

Now, to the actual products. I have an obsession over the M.A.C lipsticks and especially over the matte ones. Some people find them drying on the lips. I, on the other hand,  never had a problem with the formula. Maybe it’s because I follow the already mentioned routine everytime I wear a matte lip, maybe it has to do with my lips. I really don’t know! But enough with the rumble… here are my recomendations:

  • Ruby Woo by M.A.C : the ultimate red lipstick. Promises bold red lips. Very Matte formula (retro matte), bright and cool toned. Sometimes it can be difficult to apply because of the very matte formula. In this case add just a bit of lip balm (better a waxy one) and then the lipstick. The closest (in shade) lip liner I have found is Softline Waterproof Lip liner in Cherry No. 10 by Radiant. It is waterproof and really soft on the lips.
  • Russian Red by M.A.C : the true red.This one is a matte formula as well, but not that extremely matte. It has more like a velvet finish on the lips and it is more on the orange side. Best lip liner combo the same one by Radiant but this time in No.12 Dark red.
  • Chili by M.A.C : Chili is definitely a fall/winter red shade. It’s a mixture of brown and red and it is most suitable for women with warm undertones or hair. It has the same formula as Russian Red, soft and velvety on the lips and I wear it either with Brick by M.A.C or Softline Waterproof Lip liner in Ceramic No. 14 by Radiant.
  • No.1 Le Rouge, Rouge Pur Couture by YSL : If you are not a fan of the matte lipsticks then this one might be the one for you, Very moisturizing on the lips but not extremely glossy. The shade is something between Russian Red and Ruby Woo.I would describe it as a neutral red, not too orange neither too berry.

If you’re planning on wearing a red lip don’t you dare have your nails pink or green or something like that! I’m just joking ladies, you should do whatever you want, BUT I think that there is nothing sexier than a woman with red lips and red nails. One of my favourite true red nail polishes is No.667 Rouge Rubis by Chanel. Chanel nail polishes tend to chip easily so I recommend using a top coat and my current favourite is the Fast Dry by L’Oreal.

Photo 24-8-14 - 12 37 44 π.μ.

There must be the most beautiful lipsticks on the market but ladies don’t forget… you kiss a man with bare lips.

Stay true.


Do you have any favourite red lipsticks? I’m all about trying out new products! Share them in the comment section below!

4 thoughts on “She was red, and beautiful, and red.

  1. “Florelle of Switzerland” is a not so well known cosmetics firm, but the colors are amazing and really long lasting. No 17 is the best winter red for me 🙂

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