The Healthy Burger | A breakfast idea #1

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What better way to start your day… than with a burger! Not your typical burger.A healthier version of a burger. Of course you can eat it any time of the day you want… as lunch, dinner.. whenever you want. But I prefer in the mornings! It gives me a handfull of good nutrients and the right boost to start my day! Unfortunately it is not the quicker breakfast option, so if you are in a hurry then save it for the weekend mornings.

Photo 13-9-14 - 5 44 45 μ.μ.

It is literally the easiest thing and I didn’t give any measurements on purpose. You can use as much of the ingredients you want. It is really up to you and your preferences.

So, first things first you cut your pretzel bun in half and you spread the inner sides with the low fat mayonnaise. Then you place some lettuce on the base part of the bun and then the cheese. I normally use emmental cheese but you can use whatever cheese you like. On top of the cheese place your hard boiled egg cut in slices. Now, because the egg and the avocado as well need some salt and pepper to taste better but we also don’t want to oversalt it, add the salt and pepper right on top of the egg and then place the avocado.

Photo 13-9-14 - 10 44 19 π.μ.Photo 13-9-14 - 10 44 31 π.μ.Photo 13-9-14 - 10 47 51 π.μ.

Do not add any more salt on top of the avocado! Finally place the top part of the bun and your burger is ready! I like to serve it with some baby carrots on the side for some extra vitamins! Enjoy!

Photo 13-9-14 - 11 47 13 π.μ. (1)

Be sure to share your photo with me via Twitter,Facebook or Instagram if you try this healthy recipe!

Stay balanced.


…and of course like always… I can’t do anything without being interrupted a million times by this little fellow…

Photo 13-9-14 - 12 39 42 μ.μ.

6 thoughts on “The Healthy Burger | A breakfast idea #1

  1. Same here! I usually grab a coffee and a fruit and that’s it…But lately I’ve been trying to eat a proper breakfast and it really works! Keeps me full for a good amount of time and I also have much more energy than before!

    Thanx for stopping by! 🙂

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