The Diary #1

Photo 15-9-14 - 11 16 58 μ.μ.Well, we, humans, are curious creatures. Curiosity is part of our nature, our insticts. Psychologically and neurologically speaking, there is a specific part in our brain that is responsible for that. Curiosity is linked by many scientists to intelligence and creativity. We are curious to learn more, if there is God or not, how the system works… is it possible to heal cancer are some of our big questions… and some others are what did Angelina Jolie wore last night, why our neighbor’s laundry is so white and our’s not, what did our best friend eat for breakfast etc. It is absolutely normal, as long as it doesn’t get extremely nosey!

It has been 2 weeks since I started this blog and I am constanlty looking for new ideas. This weekend I came up with this one. Every Monday I will report most parts of my day and then on Tuesday you will be able to see how my Monday was. Of course my purpose is not to feed your curiosity, but to get to know each other. Through these series you will be able to learn some facts about me, sometimes weird facts…sometimes funny. And in the comment section below you can tell me some things about yourself! If you’re wondering why I chose Monday… oh well… because I love Mondays! See? #firstweirdfactaboutme

Now,let’s get cracking!

Photo 16-9-14 - 1 17 20 μ.μ.

Even if I love Mondays it wasn’t really that easy for me to get up in the morning. I am a human after all… a human that enjoys weekend late nights as much as everyone else on this planet!

Photo 16-9-14 - 11 08 53 π.μ.

Next …washing face, getting dressed, putting some make-up on and then it is time for breakfast and COFFEE!

Photo 16-9-14 - 11 53 53 π.μ.Photo 16-9-14 - 11 56 36 π.μ.Photo 16-9-14 - 11 44 47 π.μ.and off to work…

While driving to work on Moday mornings I always listen to a specific song on repeat. I have a Monday playlist on my iphone and every Monday I choose a different one. It is half an hour drive so I listen the same song about 5-6 times! So today’s song is:

Photo 16-9-14 - 11 38 04 π.μ.oh that is a really flattering angle I think…

[So now you will get a bit confused… In the picture above you see me driving to work and in the next one in the supermarket. Well, that’s because I work twice a day, in the morning, then I drive back home and then around 4 I go back. Not every day is like this but most of them.]

Rushing in the supermarket ’cause I really have so much to do until I drive back to work and my cat needs to be feeded in about half an hour!

Photo 16-9-14 - 11 29 40 π.μ.Photo 16-9-14 - 11 40 48 π.μ.Heading home to relax a bit, drink one more cup of coffee, eat a snack because I don’t think I can make it ’till lunch , clean my house, chop some fruits because they are about to go off and then out the door again to run some more errands.

Photo 16-9-14 - 10 48 32 π.μ.Photo 16-9-14 - 12 03 50 μ.μ.Photo 16-9-14 - 11 43 38 π.μ.stopping by to admire this beautiful landscape…Photo 16-9-14 - 11 46 40 π.μ. (1)Photo 16-9-14 - 10 51 10 π.μ.Done with the errands and it is time for lunch at my parents house!

Photo 16-9-14 - 11 30 32 π.μ.and off to work again…

Photo 16-9-14 - 10 52 16 π.μ.Photo 16-9-14 - 11 35 30 π.μ.This was such a busy day, so I can’t wait to drive back home! Also … I am hungry and I think I may eat some pizza for dinner. Not a normal one… I think you know me a bit already. I always try to find healthier versions to enjoy junk food. So I think I might go for a veggie pizza tonight (cheese included of course!!!)

Photo 16-9-14 - 11 31 35 π.μ.…and pizza is ready! Made with low-fat cheese, zucchini,onions and rucola! Yummy!

Photo 16-9-14 - 11 49 55 π.μ.Time for editing this post, social media work and finally going to bed!

Photo 16-9-14 - 12 09 55 μ.μ.See you next Monday! Until then…

Stay true.


Dream on.


How was your day? Are you a fan of Mondays?How do you like your pizza? Tell me in the comment section below!

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