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Oh well, it’s been quite a long time now, where you can find such posts all over the internet. Bloggers, youtubers …everybody gives us a sneak peek into his bag and the readers/viewers really seem to love it! So I thought why not? Maybe my readers are interested as well in the contents of my bag. So before I show you the things that I always carry around, let’s talk about the bag.

The bag in question is the mini office city bag by ZARA. I also have the bigger size and I was absolutely obsessed with it for a long period of time but I ended up carrying around way more things than I actually needed and it became really heavy to carry on a day-to-day basis. So I decided to go a bit smaller this time.

Photo 19-9-14 - 11 24 12 π.μ.

The mini office city bag is not made of real leather but it has a really nice textured effect, what makes the bag really hard-wearing. I have it for about 4 months now and it looks like new…not even one scratch! Also, it’s very nicely structured what makes it really easy to keep it organised. It has 3 sections, two pocket-like and one zip-section in the middle.

Photo 19-9-14 - 2 24 15 μ.μ.Photo 19-9-14 - 2 46 53 μ.μ.Photo 19-9-14 - 2 26 07 μ.μ.Photo 19-9-14 - 2 32 05 μ.μ.So first thing that I always have with me is of course my phone. Because I am on the road the whole time cell phone is a necessity for me. If I forget it I can easily get panicky! I don’t talk a lot on the phone like most women do but I always want to have it with me, ’cause let’s say… something happens to me (hopefully not) while I am driving to work. What do I do?! As you will see I don’t carry a charger with me (yep and I have an iPhone!). But I do have one in my car. So while I’m on the road I always have my phone plugged in!

Next thing is my iPad, some portable speakers (because you never know where you will end up at the end of the day and you will desperately need your kind of music!) and my moleskine notebook. Although I have reminders for important stuff on my phone I really love to write things down. If you are like me then you definitely need a moleskine notebook. The quality of the paper is really amazing!It might be a bit pricy but it’s totally worth it!

Photo 19-9-14 - 2 26 45 μ.μ.Photo 19-9-14 - 2 29 59 μ.μ.Photo 19-9-14 - 2 27 52 μ.μ.Photo 19-9-14 - 2 28 31 μ.μ.Wallet, make-up bag (I always have some beauty bits with me but apart from my lipstick I never end up refreshing my make-up) and car keys have to be always in my bag as well and of course some mints…  If you are a coffee-addict like me then you have to have some mints with you! You don’t want others to smell your dragon breath all day long!

Carry on …we’re almost there…

Photo 19-9-14 - 2 38 00 μ.μ.The lint roller is my life savior! If you are an owner of a  long-haired pet, then you need this in your life! Otherwise you will look like a sheep (if your pet has white fur) the whole time with hair all over your clothes (sometimes on your eyelashes as well!).Photo 19-9-14 - 2 36 04 μ.μ.Wearing contact lenses for I- don’t- even-remember how many years my eyes are definitely suffering sometimes. Especially at the end of the day they feel extremely dry. So I always have some lubricating eye drops with me and some antibacterial wet wipes so that I don’t touch my face with my dirty hands!Photo 19-9-14 - 2 33 11 μ.μ.Glass wipes! Always handy if you want to clean the screen of your phone,iPad, camera lenses or just your sunglasses!Photo 19-9-14 - 2 30 50 μ.μ.You are out with friends,you had more than one glass of beer and you want to visit the toilete. But as usual there is no toilete paper… Keep it clean ladies! Photo 19-9-14 - 2 29 23 μ.μ.Finally I always have some sort of healthy snack with me. Lately I’ve been enjoying these dried bananas!They are really yummy,they are healthy plus they keep you full until your next meal!

I have to admit I am really proud of myself for having only the basics with me! I hope it will stay that way and I won’t go back to the old times when I was carrying around some forgotten pairs of socks from my yoga classes!

Stay organised.

Keep it simple.


What are you carrying around in your bag? What is the thing you can’t live without?Tell me in the comment section below!

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