The Barbie in you | Favourite pink lipsticks

Photo 26-9-14 - 2 32 09 μ.μ.If Barbie was human, then she would definitely pick these lipsticks up! I have to admit that I don’t dress in pink that often, but on the lips I love me some pink lipstick! I think there must be definitely a reason why Mother Nature gave us pink lips. Pink is the colour of youth. Put on some pink on your lips when you feel crappy and you will automatically look much more awake,fresh and young!

There are tons of pink shades and different textures!Find the ones that suit you most.Experimenting is the right way to find out. Make-up artists suggest cool,blue/mauwe pink shades for skins with cooler undertones and warm pink shades for warmer/yellow undertones. But some lipsticks, even if they are cooler for example, can suit both skintones. So that’s why I say-EXPERIMENT!

Photo 26-9-14 - 2 57 04 μ.μ.In the photos above you see me (apart from making some silly faces #bloggershardlife… thank God I took acting lessons at uni!) wearing one of my all time favourite lipsticks, the one and only… Candy Yum Yum by M.A.C! I know, it’s getting a bit boring…me and my M.A.C obsession and I swear I am not sponsored by the brand! It’s just the fact that I love every single product of them and especially the lipsticks! There are so many colours and finishes to choose from!

For God’s shake give us the lipsticks Anastasia and shut the &*%^ up! – Alright,alright …here are my 8 most worn pink lipsticks.

Photo 26-9-14 - 9 14 50 μ.μ.

First one is suprisingly not a M.A.C one. Is by the brand Radiant. It is a matte formula, true pink,pretty long-lasting and bright!

Photo 26-9-14 - 1 32 41 μ.μ.No.2 is a blue based ,hot pink, fuchsia lipstick. Although it is blue based I don’t find it that cool and in my opinion suits most skin tones. Lickable the name of it (hmm #scandy!) and of course is by M.A.C. It has a cremesheen finish, which means it goes on smoothly and has a natural sheen… and I won’t even talk about the pigmentation! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Photo 26-9-14 - 1 35 37 μ.μ.Next is hands down the most beautiful pink lipstick you have ever seen! If you want to instantly draw attention to your face then you need this in your life! Neon bright pink, super pigmented and has a strong staying power.It stains your lips, so you don’t end up at the end of the day with just a line around your lips. It might be a bit drying, as the most matte formulas are but it is not one of the extremely matte finishes by M.A.C.Just hydrate your lips and you won’t have any problem!

Photo 26-9-14 - 1 52 31 μ.μ.Impassioned looks the best on darker skintones. So if your skin is darker then this is for you. For the rest of us is beautiful during the summer when our skin is a bit tanned. Amplified finish,therefore it has a great colour pay-off, lasts for ages on your lips and makes them appear juicy and fuller without being drying.

Photo 26-9-14 - 6 05 07 μ.μ.You find the ones above risky and ‘in your face’?You are looking for a more wearable, everyday, nude pink? Then Please me is exactly the one you need.  Looks good on everyone, matte formula but really creamy,very easy to apply, classy and perfect for work!

Photo 26-9-14 - 1 45 17 μ.μ.I’m sure you know the next one! Definitely you’ve heard of it.One of the most famous lipsticks by M.A.C – Snob. True barbie pink, not bright, more on the nude side just like please me. Satin finish and really creamy!

Photo 26-9-14 - 1 44 28 μ.μ.Pink pearl pop : As a matte lipstick fan not the finish I would personally pick up. But this one caught my eye and I am glad I finally tried it. Sheer bright pink with subtle shimmer. Delivers semi sheer coverage, makes your lips really juicy, can be worn day or night and adds a pop of colour to your face!

Photo 26-9-14 - 6 03 34 μ.μ.Last but not least a NYX one. Tokyo is one of my favourite matte lip creams. It is a little bit tricky to apply but if you don’t apply to much product then you will end up with amazing bubblegum pink lips!

Photo 26-9-14 - 1 37 24 μ.μ.If you are like me and you find that pink is not your kind of colour I ensure you there is 100% a pink lipstick out there that will reveal and enhance the beauty of your face! Go find that out!

Photo 25-9-14 - 9 54 36 μ.μ.Stay feminine





Photo 26-9-14 - 4 40 46 μ.μ.

Do you own any of the lipsticks mentioned above? Which are your holy grail pink lipsticks?

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