My secret smoothie recipe

Photo 29-9-14 - 1 29 16 μ.μ.

Today I woke up feeling a little bit like crap! I had the worst headache in my life, my eyes were hurting and my whole body in general hurt like I have exercised for hours  (which I haven’t)! So by the time I got out of bed, I run into my kitchen to prepare my favourite smoothie – my life saviour! And then I thought, why not share my secret recipe with you all? So here you have it! The most delicious and healthy smoothie in the world!

To make it you will need:

Photo 28-9-14 - 4 30 36 μ.μ.Photo 28-9-14 - 4 15 01 μ.μ.Photo 28-9-14 - 4 18 02 μ.μ.Photo 28-9-14 - 4 28 29 μ.μ.Photo 28-9-14 - 4 09 49 μ.μ.

Photo 28-9-14 - 3 10 25 μ.μ.Photo 28-9-14 - 2 44 16 μ.μ.And then ready to blend!

Photo 28-9-14 - 12 51 15 μ.μ.Photo 28-9-14 - 12 52 07 μ.μ.

Blend…blend…blend! We are using frozen fruits, so it takes some time to blend if you don’t want huge chunks of fruits in your smoothie!

After some time of blending you will have something like this:

Photo 28-9-14 - 1 00 49 μ.μ.I am a huge smoothie fanatic. Like, for real! I like every single kind, green ones…fruity ones… any kind! But this one is by far my favourite! Sometimes I add some green tea as well just to kick start my metabolism.

Smoothies are the perfect way to start your day, especially if you are not a big breakfast eater, or you are just in a rush! They keep you full and they are full of vitamins and other good nutrients that provide you energy for the rest of the day! Try it and you won’t be disappointed!

Stay balanced.

Start your day fresh.


Do you have any secret smoothie recipe?Feel free to give me some ideas  in the comment section below!

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