Seduce him with Tesori d’Oriente

Photo 5-10-14 - 12 28 57 π.μ.

Over the years I have tried literally thousands of perfumes! Heavy ones, fruity, woody, lighter ones…everything possible! As I was younger, wanting to show the world that I was a grown up woman,  I always wore heavier scents like Poison by Christian Dior or Angel by Thierry Mugler. But apparently I knew nothing at all back then! If I smell these perfumes now, I am 100% sure I will throw up!

I always thought that the heavier the perfume, the more attractive is to a man. Oh my poor girl… how little you know! While I was thinking that I was Monica Bellucci wearing that Poison perfume and that I must have taken his breath away… I, indeed, have taken his breath away… I mean,literally away! I am sure that I have poisoned some young boys back in my young years.

Speaking from a man’s perspective the scent of a woman has to be something that indicates pureness and cleanliness. Scents like vanilla and white musk attract men like bees to honey. Your perfume has to be subtle and warm and absolutely not overpowering! It has to give the essence of total femininity.

Vanilla scents are actually not the ones that suit my nose. I find them too sweet. I prefer my skin to smell like I have just got out of the shower and not like a cupcake. But this is just my taste. As I mentioned already vanilla scents are also appropriate if you want to spellbound your other half.


Well… speaking of my perfume preferences I have been trying lately the best combo in the entire world! As I was shopping at my local supermarket and as I was browsing the drugstore shelves my gaze fell on a white musk body cream by the brand Tesori d’Oriente. Looking a bit further I found the shower gel and the body mist of the same line. Although I was a bit sceptical at the beginning, considering the fact that they were a bit pricier than normal shower-gels and body creams, I finally added them in my busket. Thankfully!


As I came home I instantly tried the body cream and the body mist …and OH-MY-LORD I don’t even have words to describe the scent and the feeling of these products. First of all that body cream has a very unique texture. By the time you lather it on your skin it becomes really velvety, kinda like a powder. It still hydrates your skin without leaving a greasy feeling. And then the mist… ooooh the mist! Smells so fresh and feminine! If you use all the 3 products together, I mean shower with the shower-gel, then the cream and the mist on top you really don’t need anything else. Your skin stays hydrated, plus you smell like heaven all day long! I personally add some drops of the concentrated white musk oil by the Body Shop on my wrists. When I was at work the other day a collegue came by -a man,yes a man!- and asked me “What the hell smells so good?..Do you smell it? Something like powder!” True fact people.

Photo 4-10-14 - 5 06 20 μ.μ.

Photo 4-10-14 - 6 16 40 μ.μ.

So if you find those products in a supermarket or drugstore pick them up immidiately! Your man will be then definitely spellbound and I ensure you he won’t be reaching for an oxygen mask!



Wear them responsibly.

You might have adventures.


What are your favourite scents?Do you prefer lighter or heavier perfumes? I was thinking about doing my first Giveaway. Would you be interested in trying those products? Tell me in the comment section below! 

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