The RED eyeshadow | How I wear it

Photo 10-10-14 - 10 54 28 μ.μ.Red dress, red underwear, red lips and nails may sound familiar to you. But red eyeshadow? Probably not. Maybe only a clown would say “Oh yes I use it every single day for my shows!” But it’s not like that! Red eyeshadow can be worn by you as well, as long as you know how to wear it!

I have to admit red eyeshadow is a bit tricky to apply and I get why so many people are afraid of this eyeshadow colour.Worn incorrectly it can make you look ill, as though you have had some sort of allergic reaction or even worse …as though you’ve escaped from the zombie world! Well, if you take the following tips into consideration then I ‘m telling you… your eyes will deifinitely look spellbinding!

But before starting to explain how I use it here are some very important tips:

Photo 11-10-14 - 11 51 39 π.μ.How I wear it:

After having moisturized my face and my eye area I apply my base as usual and then I start with the eyes. If you are afraid that you will make a mess with the eyeshadows then do your eyes first and then apply the base.

First I apply a darker red/brown cream eyeshadow as a base on the lids, I blend it in the crease with a clean brush. Photo 10-10-14 - 10 01 58 μ.μ.After that, the time has come for the eyeshadow in question! I apply the red colour on my eyelids (only on the ‘movable’ part) and I blend it out in the crease first with a clean brush and then using some red/brown matte eyeshadow.

Photo 10-10-14 - 9 59 53 μ.μ.Photo 10-10-14 - 10 06 44 μ.μ.On top but only in the outer corners I apply some shimmery dark coppery brown eyeshadow and I blend it inwards and also I apply the same colour under my eyes.Photo 10-10-14 - 10 32 46 μ.μ.Next step is to apply some really dark brown eyeshadow only in the outer corners (blended up- and outwards) for more definition.

Photo 10-10-14 - 10 05 08 μ.μ.Last step is to line your waterline with a chocolate brown pencil, then lots of mascara and you’re done!

Photo 10-10-14 - 10 03 46 μ.μ.Photo 10-10-14 - 10 08 32 μ.μ.If you follow all these steps then you will have something like this:

Photo 5-10-14 - 6 56 25 μ.μ.Photo 5-10-14 - 6 57 10 μ.μ.Photo 5-10-14 - 6 57 40 μ.μ.Photo 5-10-14 - 6 53 18 μ.μ.

 Stay beautiful.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.


8 thoughts on “The RED eyeshadow | How I wear it

  1. Looks gorgeous! Thanks for reminding me about my red eyeshadow…I had bought a Mac red color and I haven’t used it in a while, maybe because I wasn’t sure how to use it! I’ll try it again this weekend!

  2. Once I bought red-ish eyeshadow. It was 3 eyeshadows from Bourjois and it ranged from pink to a darker brick red! You paired it really well with a bit of brown…I gave up on them about 6 months after buying them!

    • The key is to apply a darker base first so that you don’t look like a creepy clown! Give it a try once again! I am sure you will love it and it will suit your skin and hair colour perfectly as I can see from your picture!

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