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Well, when it comes to style I don’t really like the girly looks. I know that you have already seen me playing the Barbie girl in one of my older posts, but this was not really me. In today’s post though, you will get a better picture of how I really like to style myself.

Sometimes I like feminine looks, some others I like edgy ones. But most of the time I like to combine those two. Feminine and edgy at the same time. Is that really possible? Of course it is. Everything is possible when it comes to your personal style. Don’t try to copy someone else. Create your very own style, Sure we all have our style icons…but don’t ever try to dress or behave just like they do. Every one of us is unique. And speaking of style icons mine should be Dita von Teese. I know I may get some hate telling this because of her … career… but what can I do?! I like her! I find her style out of this world! She is feminine but yet you can feel the darkness in her soul.

Now, as far as the title goes … I’ve been asked many times how and where do I find the inspiration to write a blogpost or to create a look. The answer to this question should definitely be music. Everytime I listen to a song that speaks to my soul I imagine a look and I also create a scenario in my head. This time while I was listening to the song ‘Burning desire’ by Lana del Rey I was thinking of my burning desire… What? Shocked? Don’t tell me… Don’t we all have one? Sometimes this desire has to be the man or woman we are with at that time…or someone we secretely admire without knowing the reason… we are just attracted to him/her so much that we phantasize about him/her 24/7.

So enough with the rumble, here is my feminine yet edgy look. Dedicated… to my burning desire!

Photo 4-11-14 - 12 41 28 μ.μ.

There is nothing sexier that a simple cat eye and red lips! So for this look :

  • Apply your base as per usual and bronze up your skin just a little bit.
  • Apply a base on your eyelids. I used my holy grail ‘Groundwork’ by M.A.C.
  • Then I applied some Harmony blush by M.A.C in the crease (Hoola by Benefit works fine as well) just to create some depth.
  • I drew a pretty thick line with M.A.C’s Blacktrack gel liner
  • I also applied some Harmony blush under the eyes for extra depth
  • Looooots of mascara and a pair of false lashes. (False lashes are optional)
  • Harmony blush on the top part of my chicks and my favourite Highlighter Shimmer Brick in Beige by BOBBI BROWN.
  • And finally I lined my lips with AUBURN (by M.A.C) lip pencil, filled them with VIVA GLAM I (M.A.C) and then in the centre I applied RUBY WOO (M.A.C) just to give the illusion of fuller lips.

Photo 8-11-14 - 4 27 52 μ.μ.

Photo 8-11-14 - 4 27 07 μ.μ.

Photo 8-11-14 - 4 28 20 μ.μ.

Photo 4-11-14 - 12 41 03 μ.μ.

For the outfit I have to say is pretty simple. The centre of attention are definitely the shoes and the top. I chose a pair of very black high waisted jeans and I tucked in this top with a very deep open back. I recommend not to wear a bra underneath.

Photo 3-11-14 - 1 18 20 μ.μ.

Photo 3-11-14 - 1 09 12 μ.μ.

You can leave the look just like that… but because I wanted to make it a bit edgier I also wore this obersized hoodie and later I tied it around the waist. 

Photo 3-11-14 - 1 16 28 μ.μ.

As for the jewellery…the more the better! Wear some skull rings and chains and you are good to go!

Photo 3-11-14 - 1 00 16 μ.μ.

Photo 4-11-14 - 12 42 47 μ.μ.

And here you have the complete look! I hope you enjoyed!

Photo 3-11-14 - 7 51 11 μ.μ.

Photo 1-11-14 - 5 51 21 μ.μ.

Photo 1-11-14 - 5 03 48 μ.μ.

Photo 8-11-14 - 4 33 05 μ.μ.

One thought on “Burning Desire | Makeup & Outfit

  1. Another amazing post!!! Wow you look fabulous and your photos are perfect….I love your edgy look!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!

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