Hello again.

Photo 3-3-16, 9 55 30 μ.μ.

Trying to figure out where and how to begin. Well, it’s been a year and a couple of months I think , since the last time I wrote a post. I honestly didn’t believe that I would start blogging again. But here I am… almost 10 p.m., laying on my bed, writing.

It’s been a rough year, a rough but weirdly the best one I’ve had for years. Lots of things happened. Moved house, changed job and career path,  got a radio show on the weekends, lost friends (not actually lost – you know what I mean) , found new ones… even my hair color is not the same as it used to be. I still got this creative fire in me though… and that’s why we meet each other again.

I don’t want to blabber any longer. This post is just to say hello again and to let you know that bits & pieces is back. I can’t promise that I ‘ll post regularly, I have a full time job during the week and the radio show on the weekend, but I’ll try not to bail on you once again. Beauty, lifestyle and fashion posts will follow… maybe some deco ideas, recipes and music related posts as well… You know …bits and pieces of my life.

Thank you for staying and for your interest.All your kind messages about what happened, why I disappeared and if I am coming back sometime, mean the world to me.

Thank you.

Lots of love


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