Estee Lauder | Bronze Goddess Self Tan

Photo 5-3-16, 4 19 07 μ.μ.

Summer’s almost here and you are afraid that you look kinda like that albino monk from the movie The Da Vinci Code, aren’t you? I feel you girl! And do not dare to say … c’mon you live in Greece… YES! I do live in Greece and I do have Greek blood running through my veins but we don’t have a tropical climate, you know. We have normal winters and autumns as most of you have in your country. 


I have to be honest though. I do get easily tanned in the summer. My skin color is kinda fair in the winter but as the summer season approaches it gets darker day by day.

Right now is  still on the fair side and recently I bought the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess face tan. I have tried several face and body tanning lotions over the years and I was more than once disappointed. Hence I was a bit skeptical at the beginning. I thought it may make me look orange and patchy. On the contrary! This one is surprisingly good.

First of all I wouldn’t categorize it as a self tanner.It does give you some color, but not that usual orange sh*t. More like a sun glow I would say. The texture is like a really thin lotion, and it applies amazingly good. I usually apply it every other day after my moisturizer before I go to bed but I have also tried it under my makeup and sits just fine as well!

However you should be a little bit careful as far as the hairy parts of your face goes. Avoid applying product on your eyebrows. It tends to give them a slightly orange tint.

Tell me in the comment section below if you have tried it already or which self tanner would you recommend.

Lots of love


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