Healthy raw spring risotto

Photo 24-3-16, 3 30 44 μ.μ.

With the warmer months approaching is time to change your diet a little bit. Not only because you want to be presentable at the beach, mostly because as the temperature rises your system cannot digest that easily heavier meals. If you live in a warmer country like myself, you know exactly how that feels.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with this risotto. It is really filling but it doesn’t make you feel gross afterwards. You feel really healthy and fresh and is the best meal if you want to go to the gym a few hours later. It is actually a combo of salad, rice and chicken. That’s why I named it – raw spring risotto. Except from the rice and the chicken nothing else is cooked. As you can imagine, it can be prepared really quickly and can be eaten either as lunch or dinner.

So, the main ingredients are :


You will also need:

basmati rice

sweet red paprika powder

cayenne pepper

garlic powder



olive oil

First of all, boil your basmati rice as per normal.

Then chop all your ingredients into small pieces.

Photo 24-3-16, 1 58 08 μ.μ..jpg

While the rice is boiling put the chopped chicken breast with a little bit of olive oil, salt, the paprika powder and the cayenne pepper  in a pan and cook it until golden brown (I like mine a bit crispy).

Photo 24-3-16, 1 50 25 μ.μ..jpg

A few minutes later both the chicken and the rice are ready. Let them to cool down a little bit while you’re preparing your vegetables.

Mix everything together (avocado, tomatoes, onion, kidney beans, parsley). Add a pinch of salt and as much cumin as you like and the juice from the lime. Photo 24-3-16, 2 01 26 μ.μ..jpg

Lastly add the chicken into the bowl and mix again. Annnnd you’re ready! It takes literally less than 20 minutes! Serve and enjoy!

Photo 24-3-16, 2 07 10 μ.μ..jpg

Bon appetit!



P.S.: For all of my vegan friends out there, you can definitely leave out the chicken. Just make sure that you add the spices that I added to the the chicken (paprika & garlic powder, cayenne pepper) into the vegetables.

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