Life Update – I’m alive


Hello loves…

I know, it’s not the first time I’m coming back… What should I say; Life’s been a little rough the past few years.

I will keep it short in this blogpost, and I won’t make excuses why I’ve been M.I.A again. The main reason is of course the lack of time. I’ve been working my butt off lately, almost to the point I got burned out. But no worries, I’m fine now and I will have plenty of time from now on. So I decided why not start writing again? I’m not making any promises again, but I am planning to post regularly… maybe two ..or three times a week (?) … We’ll see how it goes. To all of you asking why I don’t have a youtube channel… well I’ve been thinking about it…but I am not so sure yet. I will keep you posted if I change my mind (I’m close tbh).

Oh… and I live in Germany now. So “Hallo” to all of my German followers!

Until next time… hopefully soon.

Stay safe – wherever you are on this planet.



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