How to make your home #instagrammable


Hey loves,

as promised on Instagram I’m back with another blog post. In this one it’s all about those little things that will make your home Instagram & Pinterest-friendly.

Last week I mentioned in this short update I posted, that I currently live in Germany. I was extremely lucky to find the most amazing house on this planet. – Well, I’m joking – but honestly I would have never imagined that I could live in such a beautiful place.

The apartment itself is not huge, but it’s big enough for me and my man…eh my cat… no my man – anyways-. It is approx. 70 qm, really spacious and most important… unbelievable bright and has its own garden! A lot of research has been done the past few months in order to ┬ámake this beautiful place even more heavenly and in this blog post I will share everything I’ve learned so far with you. So let’s go, shall we?

20170622_190109Save yourself those long nights searching on Pinterest for colour inspiration. I’ve been there. I’ve spent so much time looking for the perfect wall colour… but you know what? Nothing looks better than plain white. It makes your space look brighter and clean. What I actually did is, I painted all the walls white except from one in the living room area, for which I picked a dark grey colour. Grey walls are on trend at the moment and give the room that Instagram vibe. Make that wall the centre of attention by adding some art pieces. But be careful… if you decide to do so, leave the other walls empty or as plain as possible. Balance is the key!



20170622_190127All the whites and greys could easily make your space a bit cold. So if you are afraid like me that it will turn out too modern for your liking then add some wood accents. A candle holder, a basket or  some wooden picture frames will do the job.



20170622_190144To give your space more character simply add some patterned pieces. Accents pillows, throws or rugs can be found everywhere on the market. But don’t forget; keep the rest of your ‘canvas’ neutral. A patterned couch together with a patterned throw and pillows would make you feel dizzy AF!




Flowers and plants in general is not only the key for the best Instagram picture but it will also make your mood every single day. Peonies and cacti are the most trendy at the moment and they also last a really long time. I personally don’t have any cacti because of my curious cat, but I buy a fresh bouquet of peonies every Saturday. Every two days I change the water and they last me honestly a whole week. If you can’t afford real flowers every week then just buy some fake ones. Just make sure that they are good quality and don’t look extremely fake.


IMG_20170622_130807 (1)



Last but not least keep your space as tidy as you can. Girl – I don’t care what’s going on in your closet – just make sure that it’s not in your guests face or worse… on Instagram. No,no,no Instagram doesn’t like messy people. Leave a pair of socks on the floor and they will haunt you forever.


IMG_20170616_192303_250 (1)

That’s all for now loves. I hope you liked my new home and that all mentioned above will be somewhat helpful to you. Please, if you know any good gardening blogs (for dummies!), leave them in the comment section below. I really need to take care of my garden, but I have no clue how.

Take care.



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