June Favourites


Well, it would be a big fat lie if I’d say “Where did this month go?”… You can find the reason why at the end of this blog post. Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderful month with lots of adventures, new beauty and fashion finds, happy moments and so on, but I can’t say that it went by quickly.


Beauty-wise there are several products I have discovered the past month and I have been obsessed ever since. Starting with the best foundation I have ever used, Double Wear by Estee Lauder. I know that everybody and their mom raves about this one, but I was afraid that it wouldn’t be worth the hype, considering the price. In my opinion there are a lot of really good ones, that are much more affordable. But I gave it a go and I was mind-blown!


First of all it has SPF 10 that makes it perfect for the summer months and secondly it applies like a dream. It has medium to full coverage and stays on all day long, especially if you combine it with Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup setting spray, which is my second favourite of this month.


My skin type is normal but on the oilier side and trust me… this product is a life savior for the summer! It controls shine and prevents skin from looking like a disco ball. It keeps makeup in place – no smudging, no fading. What I usually do is spraying some on my face before applying any makeup and then some more at the end.

I have to be honest though… You can buy the most expensive foundation ever…the one that blurs your skin better than any photo edit app…believe me if your canvas is not at its best -and by canvas I mean skin – you will never be fully satisfied with the results.

My number one rule is, if you want to spend some extra money then do it for skincare – not makeup. At the end of May I was on the hunt for a really good serum. I’ve tried millions of serums before and yes I did love some of them (Lancome’s Genifique Youth Activating Serum — THE BOMB!) but I wanted to try something new. I had heard lots about Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate but once again every time I hear so many people raving about something I automatically think that is not worth it – WRONG!


It is an oil based serum that works at night. I prefer using it alone without any other moisturizer on top since my skin is a bit oily. Your skin feels amazing in the morning, bright, plump and healthy.


While I was browsing the Kiehl’s counter that day, the Kiehl’s lady sold me also on this one – the Ultra Facial Cream. I’ve been using it for a month now and I really like it. It’s not the best one I’ve ever used, is really simple, no anti-ageing properties but it does the job. Not sure if I will repurchase this but for the price I’d say is a pretty amazing basic moisturizer (is on the more affordable side).



That’s all for the beauty stuff but I have some fashion favourites as well. Lately I’ve been obsessed over Tees! I was never a t-shirt person, I really don’t know what’s wrong with me lately, but I went a bit crazy and bought about… 20 (!?) the last couple of months. The one I am loving right now is this AC DC RESERVED one. I cannot tell how soft it is. The quality of the fabric is out of this world, plus it costed about 15 Euros (now is 8 ?!?). And of course if you are an AC DC fan like me you just have to have it!

Next the Blue Aviator Sunglasses from Boohoo. They were really cheap, but they don’t feel like it. Most of the time when I buy sunglasses from sites like Boohoo I can’t wear them that long ’cause they make me feel dizzy. But weirdly enough not these ones.

Last but not least for my fashion favourites the Diesel heels! Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link for these ones, I bought them from Metzingen Outlet City  near Stuttgart, so I assume they are not available any more. I really love the design of the heels, the cut on the front part elongates your feet and makes them look really sexy but I have to admit they are not the comfiest you could find. But hey, who cares if they make you look sexy???



At the end of the month I visited Heidelberg for the second time, since it is near to where I live. I could write for hours about this amazing historic city. Having studied German language and Literature I am more than in love with this beautiful place with the cobbled streets and the oldest University in Germany. If you are a Romanticism admirer then Heidelberg is definitely the place to visit.


As mentioned at the beginning of this post June was a beautiful month but it did not passed by that quickly. And the reason of course is my anticipation for the Game of Thrones new season premiere in July! Everybody who knows me a bit more knows that I am a huge fan! At the end of May I started watching the series from the beginning all over again so that I am 100% ready for the season premiere on the 16th of July.

So let the winter come…even if we are in the middle of summer!


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