Healthy raw spring risotto

Photo 24-3-16, 3 30 44 μ.μ.

With the warmer months approaching is time to change your diet a little bit. Not only because you want to be presentable at the beach, mostly because as the temperature rises your system cannot digest that easily heavier meals. If you live in a warmer country like myself, you know exactly how that feels. Continue reading

Clinique | Superdefense moisturizer

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Look at me… reviewing anti-ageing moisturizers. Well, I thought I could find a way to stop time from running but unfortunately, I couldn’t. Neither can you my loves. I age, you age, we age. And it is not a bad thing, you know. As long as you don’t look like a raisin!

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Estee Lauder | Bronze Goddess Self Tan

Photo 5-3-16, 4 19 07 μ.μ.

Summer’s almost here and you are afraid that you look kinda like that albino monk from the movie The Da Vinci Code, aren’t you? I feel you girl! And do not dare to say … c’mon you live in Greece… YES! I do live in Greece and I do have Greek blood running through my veins but we don’t have a tropical climate, you know. We have normal winters and autumns as most of you have in your country.  Continue reading

Seduce him with Tesori d’Oriente

Photo 5-10-14 - 12 28 57 π.μ.

Over the years I have tried literally thousands of perfumes! Heavy ones, fruity, woody, lighter ones…everything possible! As I was younger, wanting to show the world that I was a grown up woman,  I always wore heavier scents like Poison by Christian Dior or Angel by Thierry Mugler. But apparently I knew nothing at all back then! If I smell these perfumes now, I am 100% sure I will throw up!

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The Barbie in you | Favourite pink lipsticks

Photo 26-9-14 - 2 32 09 μ.μ.If Barbie was human, then she would definitely pick these lipsticks up! I have to admit that I don’t dress in pink that often, but on the lips I love me some pink lipstick! I think there must be definitely a reason why Mother Nature gave us pink lips. Pink is the colour of youth. Put on some pink on your lips when you feel crappy and you will automatically look much more awake,fresh and young!

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