Clinique | Superdefense moisturizer

Photo 9-3-16, 8 53 07 μ.μ.

Look at me… reviewing anti-ageing moisturizers. Well, I thought I could find a way to stop time from running but unfortunately, I couldn’t. Neither can you my loves. I age, you age, we age. And it is not a bad thing, you know. As long as you don’t look like a raisin!

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Estee Lauder | Bronze Goddess Self Tan

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Summer’s almost here and you are afraid that you look kinda like that albino monk from the movie The Da Vinci Code, aren’t you? I feel you girl! And do not dare to say … c’mon you live in Greece… YES! I do live in Greece and I do have Greek blood running through my veins but we don’t have a tropical climate, you know. We have normal winters and autumns as most of you have in your country.  Continue reading

Seduce him with Tesori d’Oriente

Photo 5-10-14 - 12 28 57 π.μ.

Over the years I have tried literally thousands of perfumes! Heavy ones, fruity, woody, lighter ones…everything possible! As I was younger, wanting to show the world that I was a grown up woman,  I always wore heavier scents like Poison by Christian Dior or Angel by Thierry Mugler. But apparently I knew nothing at all back then! If I smell these perfumes now, I am 100% sure I will throw up!

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